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Licensed, Bonded and Insured

United States laws require all moving and storage companies to be licensed, bonded and insured, but what does this mean for you? If you ask your friends about their experiences with moving and storage companies, you might hear some horror stories. In the vast majority of these cases, the companies hired to perform a move or store goods are fly-by-night operators who offered deals or prices that were too good to be true.
It is imperative the company you hire be licensed, bonded and insured for the safety of your goods. Having their items handled professionally, stored securely, and being protected against theft or damage is important to our customers and is taken very seriously by us. Boxstars is fully licensed, bonded and insured to do business in the state of Colorado. Here’s what each of those terms means.


A moving or storage company’s license refers to its business license granted by the state or federal government, which allows the company to legitimately and legally conduct business, which, in the case of Boxstars, means being hired to carry out packing, moving, and storage services within Colorado.


A moving or storage company that has acquired a bond adds an additional level of security for you, the customer, in terms of responsibility, commitment, and assurance. Basically, being bonded means the company assures or guarantees that it and its representatives will perform the work you hired them to do in a professional manner, including the completion of the job, complying with all permits and regulations, pay for subcontractors and insurance where needed, financially guarantee to fulfill and uphold the contract, and provide additional protection against damages to your property and goods.


Of the three, this is the most important to customers and rightfully so. A moving and storage company being insured means that should your items be damaged or stolen during the course of the service, you will be covered and compensated. Boxstars not only insures its workers against on-the-job injuries, we also provide complementary insurance of up to $2,000 worth of your items. That’s included—free of charge—and we don’t up-charge on our services for insurance. Boxstars is insured to give you peace of mind. Take comfort in knowing that while we don’t anticpate any issues or claims, if something were to happen to your stored goods, you’ll be covered.



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