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Pharmaceutical reps are tasked with storing their inventory in a responsible manner. While you may store your pharmaceutical inventory in your home office closet, car, or cabinet, this is not ideal. Instead, invest in a climate-controlled and safe storage unit.

Boxstars provides those in the medical and pharmaceutical industry with reliable, state-of-the-art storage units conveniently located in Denver, Colorado. With our top-notch team and easy location, you’ll have quick access to your inventory at all times.

Boxstars Medical & Pharmaceutical Storage

Trust Boxstars with Your Pharmaceutical Storage Needs

When you choose Boxstars as your trusted pharmaceutical storage partner, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

Climate-Controlled Pharmaceutical Storage Units

We know your medical inventory needs to be kept at a specific temperature. Our climate-controlled storage units ensure your inventory is stored properly and away from damaging weather elements.

FREE Storage Insurance

We understand how important these medicines are to your clients and your job. To provide extra peace of mind, we include up to $2,000 worth of your items on our insurance policy at no extra cost. You can have confidence knowing your inventory is stored safely at all times.

Denver’s Choice for Pharmaceutical Storage

There’s a reason we’re the top storage company in Denver and have the raving customer reviews to prove it. We go to great lengths to guarantee our clients have a world-class storage experience.

We Hire the Best Storage and Moving Professionals

We want only the best-of-the-best handling your pharmaceutical inventory. That’s why we employ a rigorous hiring process complete with a thorough background check.

Let Us Do the Work

As a pharmaceutical rep, you’ve got enough to worry about between scheduling sales meetings and meeting with clients. Let us take care of packing, moving, and storing your inventory. Whenever you need your inventory, give us a call and we’ll have it ready, or can drop it off to wherever you may be.

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Boxstars is Colorado's preferred full service storage solution. We organize, pack, move & store your items securely in our climate-controlled facility. If you need your items back, simply contact us, and we'll bring it to you.

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