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As a Denver-area contractor or home builder, you have a lot on your mind. From the beginning stages of a project to the finishing touches, you’re responsible for the smallest details and largest decisions. The last thing you want to worry about is where to store your equipment.

Boxstars offers secure and reliable commercial storage for home builders and contractors in the greater Denver, Colorado area. From our renowned customer service to our free storage insurance, you’ll be glad you chose to store your equipment with us.

Boxstars Homebuilders & Contractors Storage

Secure Contractor Equipment Storage

With everything on your plate, let us take care of your storage needs.

World-Class Movers

Through in-depth background checks, extremely high standards, and a detailed hiring process, we only allow the best-of-the-best to join our team.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Your equipment is your livelihood. Without it, your work can’t be done. That’s why we take pride in our secure climate-controlled storage units. Everything you store with us will be in perfect condition from the moment you drop it off to the day you pick it up.

Trustworthy Customer Service and Support

When you have a problem or a concern, let us solve it. After all, there’s a reason we’re Denver’s top commercial storage facility choice for home builders, contractors, and real estate professionals. Our team is here for you every step of the way.

Complimentary Home Builder Equipment Storage Insurance

Did you know you don’t have to pay extra to insure your equipment while it’s in our homebuilder supplies storage? We include up to $2,000 worth of your items on our insurance policy at no additional cost to you. You can have peace of mind knowing your equipment is safe, secure, and ready for you at any time.

3 Reasons to Store Your Contractor Equipment in Commercial Storage

1. Store Equipment Correctly

Often on the job site, equipment is haphazardly stored or thrown into company vehicles. Not only is this unsafe for your team, it’s also damaging to your equipment. With construction equipment storage in Denver, all your equipment is stored properly, allowing it to stay in peak condition.

2. Centrally Located Storage

Hauling equipment to and from the job site is a breeze with our Denver, CO facility. It’ll take minutes — not hours — to retrieve and return your equipment at your discretion.

3. Peace of Mind

Improperly stored equipment leads to accidents, missing items, and an overall stressful project. You’ll have confidence knowing your equipment is stored correctly and ready for a successful job with the help of Boxstars.

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Boxstars is Colorado's preferred full service storage solution. We organize, pack, move & store your items securely in our climate-controlled facility. If you need your items back, simply contact us, and we'll bring it to you.

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