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College Student Storage by Boxstars

Between finals and the semester coming to an end, the last thing you need to worry about is where your belongings will stay during your break. Boxstars provides spacious and secure storage for college students in the greater Denver, CO area.
Our licensed, bonded, and insured movers are ready to help you pack up your dorm room and store it safely. Plus, since we’re trusted industry veterans with the reviews to prove it, you can have peace of mind knowing your college belongings are safe and sound.
Boxstars College Student Storage

Denver’s Top College Student Storage Service

Why should you rely on Boxstars to move and store your college belongings?

Climate-Controlled College Student Storage

From bedding to musical instruments, a lot of your dorm room items need to be stored properly. That’s where we come in! Our climate-controlled storage units ensure your belongings are stored correctly and in the perfect temperature until you’re ready to return.

Reliable Customer Service and Support

There’s a reason why we’re constantly rated as Denver’s best college student storage service. Read our customer reviews to hear why students just like you selected Boxstars to store and move their stuff.

Why Do I Need a Storage Service?

It’s simple. Moving is a hassle. We know that better than anyone else!

Instead of moving your belongings between residence halls and apartments each year, store it with Boxstars. When you’re ready to start the new school year, your stuff will be waiting here in pristine condition thanks to our attentive staff and climate-controlled facility.

Did we mention you don’t need to pick-up your stuff? Give us a call and we’ll deliver the items in your storage unit to you. And, of course, they’ll be delivered without a dent, scratch, or speck of dust. You’re busy with your studies; let us worry about the moving process.

Dorm rooms are small. If you need extra space to keep your belongings throughout the year, you know who to call.



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Denver, CO 80239


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